Smiling kids. Laughs galore. Positive comments from parents for weeks to come. Those are some of the things you’ll see, hear, and experience when you bring Tricky Tim to entertain at your child’s next birthday party. One more key benefit? The chance to actually enjoy the party yourself!

A kid helping Tricky Tim at a Southern California magic show


When you plan one or two parties a year, it can be hard to know how to keep kids entertained. By hiring me, you won’t have to worry about that anymore! Entertaining kids is what I do, and I’ll work with you from the day you first contact me until the end of the party to make sure it’s as stress-free as possible.

Upon booking, you’ll receive a document guaranteeing I’ll be there for your child’s party, and I’ll be sure check in a few days before as well, just so you don’t have to wonder if I’ll remember. I’ll show up early to allow plenty of time to set up, and when it’s show time, you can turn the kids over to me, knowing they’re in for the time of their lives. You’ll be able to sit back, enjoy the kids’ laughs and smiles, and maybe even snap a few pictures to remember the fun!

“Thank you so much for an amazing BD party! My kids were so happy and all their friends also were super happy. They were talking about the party for days after. Amazing job!”



Kids volunteering for Southern California Magician Tricky Tim's magic show

Of course you want your birthday child to enjoy their party, and I’ll be working to make sure they rate it as their best birthday ever! From the moment the show begins, until the moment I leave, your child will know that he or she is the most important person of the day, and that the entire show is to celebrate their birthday. They’ll be proud to help make the magic happen throughout the show in front of their family and friends, and will remember forever when they use their very own souvenir magic wand to make a bunny rabbit appear in the finale!


3 kids watching a birthday party magic show

The reality is, not all magic shows are created equal, and you don’t want to discover at your child’s birthday party that you ended up with a boring one. My shows are designed to keep kids engaged from start to finish, with nonstop action and entertainment. The magic, jokes, and surprises never end, meaning kids keep their attention on the show so they don’t risk missing out on the fun!


Before you send out those invitations, send me a message so I can let you know if I still have the date open. Dates fill fast, and the one downside to being a busy birthday party magician is that I often have to turn down shows when I’m already booked. So if you have a date in mind, get in touch as soon as possible so we can lock it in!


Any kid knows that to be a magician, you must have a magic wand, and my show features a TON of them! As one more way to jam pack my shows with laughs and fun, I’ve collected a huge assortment of wands that always seem to get into trouble. From wands that break, squeal, wobble, get bigger, get smaller, transform, and otherwise make kids laugh and smile, kids will crack up at the biggest and funniest, collection of wands they’ve ever seen. It’s one more way I make sure my shows aren’t just fun, they’re funtacular!