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Do you want your Southern California school’s next educational assembly to hold your students’ attention?

I’m Tricky Tim, and for the last 20-plus years, I’ve been delivering high-energy, interactive magic shows to schools, birthday parties, and other special events across Southern California. I guarantee your students will be riveted from the moment the show starts, all the way till the grand finale, with my special brand of wacky and amazing magic.

But wait a moment.

Other California school assembly presenters and magicians say the same thing. So why am I different?

2 Big Reasons Why I’m Different from Other School Assembly Performers in California

There are a couple of things that set my programs apart from other school assemblies in California. Both reasons guarantee your students will be captivated by my motivational and educational messages.

Kids can entertain themselves for hours on end with amazing devices that fit in their hands. Live shows have to work harder than ever to hold the interest of audiences. I ramp up what your students see and how I deliver my messages to hold their attention.

My shows include a lot of “production value”

In magic, there’s a saying: “pack flat, play big.” It’s a popular philosophy in magic that simply means carrying small props to make your work easier. It’s a great idea in theory. But it’s one I completely disagree with. I often perform in front of 300-400 students at a time. I feel it’s important to bring a lot of “eye candy” for kids. It’s one more tool in my toolbox to combat the ever-shortening attention spans.

When your students enter the assembly area, they’ll be wowed by everything they see! A large colorful backdrop. Banners. Big props. A feast for the eyes! Why is this important? Simple.

The best school assembly presenters know that you have to stimulate as many senses as possible. Kids get to hear my words, of course. But there’s so much to see beyond just the tricks themselves. At a recent event I performed at, a little boy said, “Wow, this is like a whole Broadway production!”

My shows are fast-paced and never give your students a chance to get bored

Too many California school assembly experts are slow-paced. Many brag about how they can get 10-15 minutes out of a single magic trick. Not me! I move at a fast pace, so your students will never know what’s going to happen next.

While my shows are painstakingly scripted and micro-managed during the creation process, to see them you would think I’ve just finished drinking 9 cans of Red Bull! I bring high energy to my shows to match the excitement level of the kids. There are two calculated reasons for this.

First, going that fast holds the attention of the kids effectively. Second, I’m matching the cadence and emotion of my audiences. Think back to how you felt and acted when you were a kid. Or just step into your school’s cafeteria and listen to the conversations. Kids have energy levels that we adults have forgotten about. By matching kids’ natural energy levels on stage, I’m able to build rapport rapidly with your students. On a subconscious level, your kids will feel, “Hey this guy is like me!” Presto! They’re hooked.

Educational School Assemblies Based on Your School’s Curriculum

While I do offer “just for fun” shows, my primary focus is on delivering powerful messages to 21st-century students. You can read about my newest assembly program on social-emotional learning HERE. Our children are facing challenges that previous generations have never had to deal with. I tackle these issues head-on, giving kids valuable ‘tools’ to make facing these challenges easier.

Why My School Assemblies Are the Easiest Your California School Will Ever Host

Some school assembly presenters in CA expect the star treatment. Maybe your school has even hosted a few. They demand everything! Use of your school’s PA system. A ridiculously long setup and breakdown. I’ve even heard stories of presenters who state in their contract a crew of able-bodied older kids must be on hand to help unload equipment!

Me? I handle everything myself. I don’t need any help bringing anything into your school. I have my own cart, PA system, and wireless microphone. The only thing I need from the school is an area to perform and an audience. That’s it!

Over 200 Online Reviews Prove My Southern California School Assemblies Will Deliver Everything I Promise and More

I know you have a lot of entertainment choices when considering which Southern California school assembly programs you’re going to bring in. And anyone can talk themselves up. So instead, I’ll let one of my recent clients do it for me:

“Thank you so much for a fantastic show for our Thompson community! I can’t tell you how delightful it was to hear our youngest students giggling again — it’s really been a long few years. I really appreciated the shoutouts to beloved books and characters as well as the personal connections you made with our students, even taking the time to see their magic tricks. Thank you also for delivering those key announcements at the end. It was a real pleasure to have you back at Thompson and we thank you again for all the help and information leading up to this successful and delightful event!”

– Shauna Pellauer, Thompson Elementary School

That’s exactly the type of feedback I strive for at every show. You can read over 200 reviews from my past clients HERE.

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“Wow, Tim! This is Great! Now What?”

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