Laugh-filled funtacular magic shows that keep kids engaged from start to finish. If you’re looking to keep a large group of kids entertained, my magic shows will do exactly that!


Magic truly works well for any age group, as long as the show is customized specifically for the audience. The more information you can provide, the better, and that way I’ll be able to put together a show specifically designed to entertain the ages of your audience.

Whether you’re looking for a themed assembly to promote an important concept or occasion (like the importance of character, the power of reading, red-ribbon week, etc.), or just looking to treat your students to some incredible laughs, smiles, and memories, using magic is a way to be sure the experience can be enjoyed by all ages.

A magic show for preschoolers will avoid anything scary, and feature lots of silliness to keep things fun. Elementary schoolers appreciate a more fast-paced and high-energy show with lots of audience volunteers and chances for them to help make the magic happen. My magic shows for older kids are designed to win them over from the start with hard-hitting magic that doesn’t feel like “kid stuff,” and reminds them just how cool magic can be.

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My school magic shows are big on fun and guarantee a great time to be had by all, making for the perfect way to reward your students. Looking for a creative way to encourage students to achieve their read-a-thon goals? Want to reward your perfect attendance students? Finish the school year on a high note with a fun magic show in honor of a year well done? Whatever the occasion, it’s a real privilege for kids to experience a live magic show at their very own school, and I make sure it’s an experience they’ll be raving about for years to come!


No more candy, coupon books, or cookie dough to sell. Instead of asking kids to beg their parents and relatives to buy things they don’t want or give them cash donations they might lose, try something new! Give them the chance to invite those same family members and relatives to join them at their school for a family-friendly funtacular magic show they can all enjoy together… all while supporting their school!

A teaser assembly a week before the show date can help promote the show to students, and additional add-on fundraiser ideas beyond ticket sales can help make this a huge success for your school. Besides a school-wide magic show night, my shows also work well for special parent/child activity events, like a mother/son night, where a magic workshop after the show could be added to give moms and their sons a chance to learn a few tricks together that they can do themselves! And for school carnivals and fairs, adding a magic show is a great way to guarantee increased attendance and therefore more money for your school!


Give me a space to perform, time to set up, and students to entertain. That’s it! I‘ve got it covered from there. Get in touch today to discuss your next school event and reserve the date so we can make it a funtacular success!