Social-Emotional Learning School Assembly Teaches Your Students Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Relationship Skills, and More…in Just 45 Minutes!

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Do your students understand social-emotional learning? I’m Southern California school assembly presenter Tricky Tim, and my new school assembly program, “Hocus Pocus, Feelings in Focus” tackles social-emotional learning in fun ways students will remember and use long after the assembly is over.

School administrators and educators in the 21st century understand the importance of helping children develop life skills to interact with others in social settings effectively. In short, knowledge is not enough. We need a balance of education and tools to communicate with our peers.

And there’s conflict. When you have people gather in a group, you’re going to have conflict. It’s just a part of daily social interaction. These skills can be hard for some students to grasp. That’s where the “Hocus Pocus, Feelings in Focus” school assembly comes in!

How My Social-Emotional Learning School Assembly Program Helps Your Students Develop Critical Interpersonal Skills

With any effective school assembly program, it’s not enough to tell students something. You need to show it, demonstrate it, and get kids involved. We learn best by doing! I get your kids in on the action with fun and interactive magic, role-playing, games, age-appropriate humor, and more.

Some of the lessons include:

Self-Awareness: How to get in touch with and understand our emotions

Self-Management: Simple ways to express our thoughts and feelings in more useful and appropriate ways

Social-Awareness: How to develop empathy for the feelings of others

Responsible Decision-Making: How to evaluate the ethical and safety decisions we make every day

These lessons are not presented in a dry, boring fashion. Kids will laugh and have fun throughout the assembly. Many times, they won’t even know they’re learning these important concepts!

What Your Students Will See & Experience During My “Hocus Pocus, Feelings in Focus” Assembly Program

Every good school assembly presenter knows you’ve got to keep things moving to hold the attention of several hundred students! My assemblies start with a fun magic routine set to music to get kids in the mood. Then I cause a live bird to appear from thin air! From that moment on, kids are hooked.

Each assembly then features a mix of puppetry, interactive magic routines with multiple volunteers on stage, and opportunities for the entire audience to participate. But that’s not all. I also change the routines to fit the grade levels of your school!

School Assemblies Customized for Different Grade Levels

Offering school programs for different grades should be a no-brainer. The younger grades are on a different developmental level than the older kids. Every parent knows that the difference between a five-year-old and a fifth-grader is enormous! By creating different versions of my assemblies, I am meeting your kids where they are.

This is very important. Many assembly presenters just do the same show, regardless of grade levels. I feel that is doing your students a disservice. Therefore, I have painstakingly crafted three versions of every assembly program I offer:

One show for younger grades such as K-2 or K-3

One show for older grades such as 3-5 or 4-6

One “combo” show for grades K-5 or K-6

While the overall messages and lessons I deliver may be the same for each assembly, it’s the “how” that’s different. Younger kids experience entertainment that’s sillier and wackier. The magic is simpler and easy to follow. Older kids get a show with more of a “wow factor” in the magic. It’s the stuff that causes the teachers to look at each other and whisper, “How did he do that?”

Here’s How Easy It Is to Host the “Hocus Pocus, Feelings in Focus” School Assembly…

Here’s the thing. The best school assemblies in CA have certain requirements they need. There are staging needs, set-up/break-down time, and other planning to make it work. I’m no different. But I understand that hosting a school assembly interrupts the flow of our normal school day.

If I do the show in your gymnasium, I’m likely throwing off the schedule of the Phys Ed teacher. Auditorium? I might be interrupting the music teacher. Cafeterias or MPR? More interruptions. Because I know this, I’ve designed my shows to be easy to host.

I bring my own state-of-the-art sound system and microphone. I also provide my own tables and don’t need any help bringing anything in. I arrive an hour before my show to set up and I’m out the door an hour after the last show ends. I guarantee you’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you discover just how self-sufficient I am!

 “I’m Super Excited, Tricky Tim! Now What?”

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To book my school assembly, you’ll likely have some questions for me. I’ve put detailed information together along with fees and multi-school discounts together for you. Simply fill out the Contact Form on this page and I’ll deliver it to your inbox instantly!

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One word of warning. I perform school assemblies and other special events all over Southern California. My dates are often booked up months in advance. To avoid losing your preferred date, contact me right away. Prefer the personal touch? Call me at (661) 373-6770. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Tricky Tim

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