Saving the day with MAGIC, one virtual show at a time

Zoom Magic Shows are Here to Save the Day!

No need to leave birthdays uncelebrated, playdates forgotten, or time with friends and family canceled.  Virtual magic shows work, and are HUGE fun for kids!

Unlike a YouTube video, this is a LIVE show, with tons of interaction, making it a fantastic mood-booster, and FUN for everyone.

Plus, there's no need to clean up afterwards, put the dog away, order food for everyone, or clear a space to set up for the magic show.  Instead, just text or email the Zoom link to the families you're inviting (I can help with that if needed), and when showtime rolls around, find a comfy place to enjoy the show, log in to Zoom, and get ready for tons of laughs and smiles.

It's that easy!

Current pricing is $150 for most shows, and shows typically run 40-55 minutes, depending on age range.

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"Thanks Tim for an absolutely incredible party.  The kids had the biggest laughs throughout and our guests gave us many compliments on how much fun they had.  Most importantly, William truly loved it and has been talking about his party all day.  Thank you!"
– Christina W.


So, what happens in a Zoom magic show?

Laughs, Smiles, Magic, and FUN!

Believe it or not, a Zoom magic show is a lot like an in-person magic show.  It needs to be interactive and customized to the audience, or else it will fall flat.  In my online magic shows, I personalize each and every performance, with magic chosen based on the age range of attendees, the number of kids, and the audience reactions.


Kids love that they have a front row seat for all the magic.  They're thrilled that the whole show is focused on fun.  They're amazed by impossible magic and endless surprises guaranteed to keep them laughing.  And despite the current situation, they get to enjoy these memories with their friends and family thanks to the magic of Zoom!

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Having a magic show planned also saves you from the awkward situation that results when virtual celebrations are held with no organized plan or entertainment.  Just as an in-home party with no plan is likely to be underwhelming at best and chaotic at worst, an online birthday party or virtual playdate can quickly go awry without a purpose.  You might be able to get everyone focused long enough to sing Happy Birthday, but beyond that, kids need something fun and entertaining to hold their interest.  My fun-filled Zoom magic show does exactly that!

"As a parent navigating a bit of heartbreak from my children during the Covic closures, I had my doubts about a virtual magic show.  Tim's thoughtfulness, ability to customize the tricks to what my daughter loved, and ability to manage rambunctious kiddos on Zoom far surpassed what I thought was possible.  My daughter was glowing from start to finish and I cannot recommend Tim's thoughtfulness and artistry enough.  The actual magic and comedy was entertaining for kids and parents alike.  He's a true master of his craft."
– Justin N.



Lights! Camera! MAGIC!

Bright studio lighting, a professional microphone, and 1080P HD camera help ensure a fantastic experience for all kids watching.  Clear audio, clear video, and no distractions in the background to take away from the magic.

I'm fully equipped for virtual magic shows and have even created brand new routines perfectly suited to work through video.  As fun and silly as the show may be, there's some serious tech and magic behind the scenes working to create amazing memories for the kids and families experiencing the show.

Zoom virtual magic shows help you make the most out of celebrating at home!

"Your show was amazing!  Sofia loved it and it's all she's talked about since.  And nearly every parent has reached out to say the same.   It was wonderful to hear the kids really laugh and have such fun - good for their souls, particularly in these very hard times.  Several of the families reached out afterwards to say that their kids haven't laughed so hard in months.  Thanks so much for a really wonderful birthday!"
– Gena and David P.


Let's do it!   But I have a few questions....

I've used Zoom for work and school, but not a magic show.  How does that go?

It's about the same... but way more fun!  Once we've agreed on a date and time and you've submitted your deposit, I'll get a Zoom link sent over to you via email, and you'll be able to send that out to everyone you're inviting.  I create a unique meeting ID and password for every meeting, so this will be a private show for you and your guests only.  Everyone logs in at the invitation time or a little before, I'll sign in at show time, and then I run the show from there!  I'll spend the first several minutes doing some interactive warm-up entertainment which gets everyone in the mood for a super fun time, while also allowing a few extra minutes for any late arrivals before I officially start the magic show.  If it's a birthday party, I'll also take care of leading everyone into singing Happy Birthday after the show, and then will hand over hosting duties to you so you can keep the virtual party open for up to 35 minutes after I sign out, giving plenty of time for everyone to talk a bit more, say goodbye, give personal birthday wishes, etc.

Zoom isn't my thing.  Can you tell me what I need to send out?

Sure, I'm happy to help with creating the meeting invite and sending you the info that you can send out to attendees.  All you'll have to do is copy and paste the Zoom info I send you (it'll include a clickable link to open the Zoom meeting, as well as a meeting ID and password), and you can share it via email, text, an evite service, etc.  I'll set the meeting so you can log in about 15 minutes before the invitation time if you like, and that way you can be there to welcome any early arrivals before I even sign in!  Attendees can watch on their computers, tablets, or phones, and just need the free Zoom app to join in (and by now, just about everybody already has that!).

What about Zoom time limits?

Great question.  Zoom has a 40 minute time limit, unless you have a paid membership.  I have a paid Zoom Pro plan, so time limits aren't an issue, and you'll have time not only during the magic show, but also up to 35 minutes afterwards to use as you please.  This is possible as I'll transfer the meeting "Host" title to you before I sign out.

Should the attendees be muted?

It can get loud sometimes, but in general, it seems to work best leaving attendees unmuted as much as possible, as part of the fun is being able to hear everyone's reactions.  However, silencing the audio of one or more viewers can come in handy if they're in an environment with lots of distracting background noise, so I do keep an eye on that during the show.

How do we make sure everyone sees you?  Sometimes Zoom focuses only on whoever is talking at any given moment.

It's a great idea to "spotlight" my video through the Zoom platform.  That ensures my video screen becomes the largest for all attendees, and I'll take care of that when I start the entertainment!  And if we're singing Happy Birthday afterwards, I'll be sure to spotlight the birthday child during that special moment as well.

Is this only for birthdays?

Nope!  While birthdays are certainly a very popular occasion to celebrate with a virtual magic show, it's also a perfectly great way to make for a fantastically fun virtual playdate, an over-the-top online scout meeting, a celebration for upcoming graduations, or just a great excuse to share some smiles with the neighborhood kids and friends.

Any other tips to make this a success?

Make sure you have a decent idea of how to use Zoom before the magic show so you don't need to worry about figuring that all out during what's supposed to be a fun and enjoyable time.  If you like, we can line up a test Zoom meeting before the show to make sure you have the hang of things.  Zoom also has some great information and tutorials on their support website.  You can check that out to really familiarize yourself with all the features before the magic show, and can also share the link with anyone you're inviting who's not so sure what to expect:

"Thank you so much again!  My kids could not stop laughing and other parents texted me the same.  With everything going on and they can't hang out with each other I have not heard jACOB LAUGH LIKE THAT SINCE SCHOOL STOPPED.  tHANK YOU!"
– Johanna L.


Watching from Canada!

"Hello Tim, Thank you so much for such a fun Zoom celebration.  Heven't seen the kids laughing soooo loud.  U definitely helped us bring lots of joy to them tonight.  All I heard from the parents is OMG!  That guy is awesome!  The kids had a blast, they laughed so much!!!!  Again thank you sooo much!"
– Jackie L.

High-energy over-the-top fun is my specialty!

What sort of silliness can you expect in a Tricky Tim magic show, whether in-person or online?  Check out the highlight video below to see some clips of me in action at schools, camps, libraries, and more!

"Awesome job with the show!  It was very special for Hudson for you to be part of his bday.  Thanks again, everyone really enjoyed it!"
– Melissa H.

"Tim, great show today!  Izzy was very happy.  It was a HUGE hit!"
– Jack and Veronica J.